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I started designing websites as a hobby back in 1996, for my own self catering property in Ardnamurchan and then for some friends. I loved it! - It was like magic - putting some information & photos on my computer at home and uploading to the world wide web for all to view!
It was all self taught and I enjoyed every minute of it.

In the beginning I used a programme which came with the AOL software - they don't use this one anymore. It was a good one to start with as it made you learn a lot of the coding, instead of doing it all for you. I tried a few different programmes over the next few years and in the end got myself Dreamweaver in 2001 - things were getting serious!
I read up on anything & everything to do with web design and search engine optimisation. I was fascinated by everything!

I moved to the bonny banks of Loch Awe in Kilchrenan, which is near Oban in West Highlands of Scotland. I became a farmer's wife and also got myself a job with Inverawe Smokehouse's doing the administration for the Trade department. However my passion was still my hobby of designing websites. I made more websites for friends and they pressured me to start advertising myself. I put my web design service on my own site and received quite a bit of interest. This prompted me to give my job up at the smokehouses after five years, to concentrate on my web design business and also to help more on the farm.

I decided to keep websites simple but informative and pleasant to look at. The content is everything. Good content and page set up are really all that's required for getting results on search engines. If you try to outwit the search engines, as people have done over the years, with doorway pages, hidden text etc. then they eventually suss you out and you end up getting penalised.

Busybee Web Design may be low cost - but great service is guaranteed

Busybee Web Design

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